For over 85 years, training has been the cornerstone of  American Management Association. Generations of trainers have passed through our doors and we have come to understand what the best of them have in common. Trainers tell. Good trainers tell, and show. Great trainers tell, show, and explain. The best trainers tell, show, explain, and inspire.

Training is about reaching people and inspiring them to realize their potential. Without it, training will always fall short of business needs. Whether youre the first-time trainer, or looking to take your career in training to the next level, the AMA offers proven beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in training and development.

First, empower yourself. AMA can help you at every stage of your training career making it rewarding as it is impactful.

Choose your career level and explore your potential:

Beginner: Practical learning solutions for the first-time trainer. Includes: instructional design, communication skill development, and effective facilitating.

Intermediate: Proven training initiatives designed to bridge the gap between training and achieving measurable impact. Includes: effectiveness through evaluation, coaching and counseling, situational leadership, developing a smarter workforce, and blended learning.

Advanced: Modern training tactics and techniques intended for career-minded trainers. Includes: training the trainer, budget management, strategic planning, leadership methodologies, training course marketing, and proving the value of training to c-suite executives.