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Our Board Of Trustees


Charles R. Craig
Senior Vice President, Science and Technology
Director, Administration and Operations
Corning, Inc.
Corning, NY


James H. Wall
(Retired) Global Managing Director, Human Resources
Deloitte Touche

President and Chief Executive Officer:

Manny Avramidis
President and Chief Executive Officer
American Management Association International
New York, NY

Jed Becker
Chief Executive Officer
Eurpac Service Inc.
Norwalk, CT
James M. Corgel
(Retired) General Manager ISV &
IBM Corporation
Jeff Davis
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Edward D. Horowitz
EdsLink LLC
New York, NY

U.S. Space, LLC
Dulles, VA
Douglas W. McCormick
Venture Partner
Rho Capital Partners
New York, NY
Pamela Grunder Sheiffer
P. Joyce Associates, Inc.
Vero Beach, FL
Diane C. Yu
Counselor to Leadership -
Abu Dhabi
New York University
New York, NY