AMA Councils

Since its inception, hundreds of executives have chosen to engage in Council activities to keep their peers and their organizations abreast of the latest innovations and challenges as seen by executives from other companies and industries.

Through “The Council Experience,” members and AMA are kept informed about what the best practitioners are accomplishing in their organizations. Through candid off-the-record exchanges, Council members and their organizations can improve their operating performance and sharpen their strategic thinking.

Council Membership

The criteria for membership are varied, but all Council members are:

  • Active members of AMA with significant information about and experience in their knowledge areas
  • Recognized leaders or authorities in their fields concerned about best practices and learning solutions as demonstrated by speeches, attendance at meetings, or other visible efforts
  • Highly recommended by their peers as substantial members of the management community
  • Representative of their organization’s guiding principles.

Council memberships are reviewed annually to ensure continuing commitment. AMA also ensures that the nature and makeup of the Councils accurately reflects the wide diversity of manufacturing, service, technology, government, and not-for-profit organizations in the management community and their demographic composition.

The President of AMA appoints one member of each Council as Council Chairperson. The Chairperson  creates all meeting agendas, leads each Council meeting, and identifies and recommends potential Council members.

All Council members have an ongoing relationship with the President of AMA and other senior executives.

Council Meetings

The Council Chairperson presides over each meeting and creates the agenda of topics for each session. Because the topics are of primary concern to the members, discussions are off the record, open and lively. As a result, members leave the meetings with a renewed sense of direction and priorities.

Selected AMA executives and managers who are directly connected to the subject matter at hand also attend sessions.

AMA Councils

Highlight Quote

"Serving on the AMA Council offers enormous advantages for me and my organization. First and most important, I learned a tremendous amount. I developed invaluable contacts both in and out of my industry. Many of these connections have helped my company. For example, over the years, I gained significant benchmarking information. And, of course, I have acquired great friendships."

Peter M. Sturtevant
Vice President
Xerox Corporation

Contact Information

All questions and comments about AMA Councils, including Council membership inquiries, should be directed to
Human Resources
American Management Association
1601 Broadway
New York, NY 10019