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The Keys to Strategy Execution

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A brilliant business strategy isn’t worth the paper it’s written on unless it becomes reality. Why do so many companies fail to execute their best ideas—and how can your organization avoid making the same mistake?

As a leading provider of essential information for sound business decision making, AMA commissioned a global study by the Human Resource Institute, to get answers.

Ed Reilly, CEO of American Management Association, Jay Jamrog, Human Resource Institute, and Jody Jones, Strategic Transformations, discuss the survey findings and how companies can improve results by turning strategic planning into actionable work.

What You Will Learn

  • The crucial factors in the execution of strategic plans today—and in the next decade
  • The impact key drivers like innovation, technology and marketing will have on new strategies
  • The strategic actions companies value most in implementing strategy
  • The importance of alignment practices and clear strategy communication
  • The barriers to strategy execution
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