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5 Steps to Becoming a Trustworthy and Influential Leader

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How You Can Establish Trust to Becoming an Influential Leader

Effective leadership in the emerging economy is less and less about charismatic command and control persuasion; it is increasingly about the collaborative and horizontal skills of trust and influence.

The bottom line is that the level of trust in business relationships, whether internal with employees or colleagues, or external with clients and partners, is the greatest determinant of your success.

The challenge to gaining that trust is having a simple yet powerful framework and analytical way of evaluating and understanding trust. Without the proper framework for evaluating trust, there’s no actionable way to improve your trustworthiness.

This program gives you that framework, as well as a 5-point approach that helps you gain positive influence and be legitimately trusted by people you work with directly, as well as by those over whom you have no direct control. 


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What You Will Learn

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn a step-by-step action plan for building trustworthiness: The Trust Equation. You’ll then learn the five building blocks that let you maximize your own trustworthiness by acting on the equation:

    Step 1 Reset your perspective to the long term
    Step 2  Reset your goals as byproducts of group success
    Step 3 Master the skill of listening to understand
    Step 4 Make friends with the truth
    Step 5 Most of the time, take the first risk

Within this framework, you’ll discover the secrets of how win-win results are achieved, as opposed to split-the-difference results. For example, you’ll learn ready-to-use tactics, such as:

  • A socially acceptable grammatical technique (Name It and Claim It) for speaking difficult truths out loud
  • Ways you can reduce your fears about outcomes, and redirect that energy to more useful initiatives.

This is a great opportunity to discover a scientific, analytical and actionable framework for increasing your trustworthiness and ultimately your career success. Take a moment and register now!

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the five building blocks of trust
  • Learn to develop an action plan for building trustworthiness
  • Apply a grammatical technique for speaking truthfully about any topic

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About the Presenters

Charles H. Green

is an author, speaker and world expert on trust-based relationships and sales in complex businesses. Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, he is author of Trust-based Selling, and coauthor of  the The Trusted Advisor and its follow-up, The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook. His articles have been published in several journals, including Harvard Business Review, Directorship Magazine, and Management Consulting News. He is a contributing editor at RainToday.com.

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