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Overall rating

Katherine T.

Overall rating

Melissa S.

If executed properly, I think it would have been a great seminar. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the instructor was not the individual who created the presentation and therefore skipped many slides and potentially important components or simply did not understand what the original instructor was aiming for. Additionally, we completed the seminar more than 3.5 hours early on the second day and spent time examining websites and comparing them. It was very analytic and website heavy, and less about what content factors should have been touched on. The projector was not hooked up for the first half of the first day, and the instructor was sick for the majority of the second day. He kept excusing himself from the room, which I believe led to the quick finish of the seminar. Between the equipment not being used properly, the instructor trying to teach someone else's content, and the ailment that befell said instructor, I do not feel that I gleaned what I should have for the price paid.

Overall rating

Dale Y.

The instructor was excellent, and this class had a lot of very good participation and topics for engaging discussion. I felt I learned so much more in putting the aspects of Content Marketing we were learning and applying it to the specifics of the participant's individual situations.

Highly recommended for anyone in marketing challenged with putting together a current content marketing program or effort.

Overall rating

Jennifer B.

The content of the course was exactly what I needed. I was not too overwhelming but gave me enough to think about how I can put my product's content strategy together. The instructor was very knowledgable and ran the class very well for an online course.

Overall rating

Matt P.

Overall rating

lyndsay c.

I have taken many online courses and this was undoubtedly the best web based class because of the instructor. He kept everyone engaged throughout the entire 3 days as well as used our real life work experiences to help teach us. I would easily sign up for another course with Phil Buckley.

Overall rating

Ginger B.

Overall rating

Kara Z.

The course was very good, very interactive. I came back to the office with a lot of new ideas to implement and share with our team.


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