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Overall rating

Adam M.

+ Fantastic instructor
+ Outstanding content
+ Passed exam on the first attempt the day after the course
+ Facility OK

Overall rating

Stephanie C.

The Agile Course was excellent. The instructor was able to bring real world examples to the instruction as well as provide interesting and enlighting exercises to bring the lessons to life.

Overall rating

Edward D.

I felt this class helped to prepare me for the exam.

Overall rating

Maricel K.

Instructor's passion about the subject offered a deep understanding of Agile practices. He emphasized the philosophy on which Agile is founded, providing a very solid foundation that will go beyond a simple certification.

Overall rating

Daryl L.

Excellent mix of theory and classroom work with exercises and role playing. I can't imagine a more comprehensive class on agile.

Overall rating

Robert M.

Great class, good facility and facilitator. Need to organize it to get out early on Friday for travel.

Overall rating

Katie B.

The class on Agile Project Management was extremely informative, inspirational and purposeful. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and experiences. He had so many real-life situationl examples to correlate to the course information. This was extremely helpful to someone like myself, who doesnt use Agile in every project management situation.


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