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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Joe B.

The seminar was excellent, and provided the PMP exam preparation I needed to be comfortable enough to take the exam. Lisa did a marvelous job as the instructor! She knows the subject area extremely well and is able to relate it to her class in terms they can understand. Her examples of situations that have occurred in her career and life were right on the money! Thank you Lisa for an awesome experience!

Overall rating

Melissa O.

Michael is very skilled at breaking down large amounts of complex information to a palatable size. He is extremely knowledgeable in this field and offers a wealth of experience.

Overall rating

David W.

Overall rating

HonYin K.

I am not sure how useful is this Exam Prep since this is more a brain dump session. I scored great on the final exam prep but I still do not think I am ready to take the real PMP test because I don't think I grasped all the ITTOs. I wish there are more supplemental tools like flashcards provided to participants that covers all the 10 knowledge areas, 47 processes and the 5 process groups to help with memorizing the ITTOs.

Overall rating

Brian B.

This course pushes a great deal of information through a short period of time. The class is well organized but fast paced. Our instructor was excellent and very well versed in the subject matter. I highly recommend this course and strongly suggest completing all pre-course recommended prep work.

Overall rating

Howard M.

Enjoyed the class and instructor. I felt like I gained the right amount of knowledge to help prepare me for the PMP exam.

Overall rating

Ann Louie L.

It would be good to see additional test taking tips incorporated. Perhaps how to dissect the questions or look for key words and such.

Overall rating

Greg L.

Overall rating

Jeffrey T.

The instructor was excellent. I now have a strong study plan, and no doubts of success.


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