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Overall rating

Riman J.

it was very beneficial because it was an interactive kind of workshop rather than just theories

Overall rating

Laura T.

Overall rating

Kim C.

This is an excellent seminar focusing on the soft skills needed for successful project management.
Most project management training is about the tasks involved. This covers what the rest leaves out, yet is often the most important key to success.
The course goes deeper into the leadership needed to bring together different people from sometimes competing resources to have success at the collaborative level. Fantastic!!

Overall rating

Stephanie E.

The instructor was fabulous. She had a tremendous amount of experience and was able to provide a lot of valuable examples. I have always had great experiences with AMA classes.

Overall rating

Timothy H.

I'm a PMP that was looking for ways to improve Project Team communications as well as my own interactions as an Oversight to those PM's leading Teams. I took away several useful concepts and techniques to share with my peers and incorporate into our methodologies.

Patricia was a terrific instructor and made the learning enjoyable. Thank you.

Overall rating

Marc B.

Host (Stan) was exceptional good in providing the training and environment for a learning experience with success!

Overall rating

Edward P.

The instructor was experienced, knowledgable, and engaging. He really tailored the information to what was of value to the class. I liked how he was able to interweave opportunities to talk about and provide strategies to resolve real leadership and communication problems that the attendees had. I also appreciated how much effort the instructor applied towards finding valuable takeaways for each individual. It's really hard to get 5 stars on any seminar, because not all information is valuable and useful to everyone. This seminar was as close as any for me. Definitely worth the time and effort.

Overall rating

Janna S.

Instructor was knowledgeable and utilized the experiences of all participants to enhance the class.

Overall rating

Jeff S.

Stan Ostacewski (SP?) is a great instructor and made learning this material fun with his stories and antedotes.

Overall rating

Sara D.

I LOVED this class! Susan, the instructor, kept everyone's undivided attention all day for three days and offered up some very valuable information. I highly recommend this class to project managers, or anyone who has a desire to learn better ways to communicate with your boss, subordinates or teammates.

Thanks for a great class!


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