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Overall rating

Clayton T.

I filled out a follow-up on last day of our sessions....What made it 5 stars was the instructor...The book is from 2003...At least it should be updated to reflect what Greg additionally provided. But well done. wct

Overall rating

Jay D.

Overall rating

Gretchen L.

The class size was small...6 people. It ended up being more of a focus group with Scott leading, guiding and providing valuable ideas.

By far the best seminar I have been to in my life!

Overall rating


Excellent class, great instructor and the class was very cohesive, interactive and participated daily. The greatest takeaway was, not only were the participants interactive but we discussed what was in our own organiztions and shared information and brain stormed different topics. It was very relevant and meaningful to us. By using the tools provided in the class and the principles behind each technique, we were able to delve into our situations and apply it.

Overall rating

Colleen M.

Advanced Sales Management provided some useful tools and insights that will aid me in my role. Having been in my current position for 4 years I wish I attended this class in the beginning of my Sales Manager role, but it's never too late to apply what I learned. Already had my Sales Team provide their Critical 3 for April!

Overall rating

Michael G.

Mr.Bush was able to present real world techniques for our sales team and present them in a manner that everyone understood.

Overall rating

James P.

Scott Bush did an outstanding job with both content and presentation. Would attend another of his seminars.

Overall rating

James V.

Overall rating

Nelson C.

The trainer "skip" was excellent, it was great to hear what others are doing and get a different perspective. Some of the tools we leared will be useful, as well as some of the new ways to set goals and measure progress.

Overall rating

Bret G.

Skip was excellent. Highly recommend to anyone in sales management.

Overall rating

Justin O.

Learned more than expected!


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