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Jesus B.


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Michael D.

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Justin H.

Overall rating

Ray N.

Had a enjoyable time and came away with a lot of good tools that I can apply to my job. Instructor was professional and knowledgeable. The curriculum was very relevant to my job responsibility. Great job!

Overall rating


Enjoyed class tremendously. Instructor having working knowledge made interaction and examples so valuable. Would recommend this class/instructor for future clients exploring PM Training Seminar.

Overall rating

Andrew R.

The class was well presented and I found the content to be up-to-date for the most part. It is a full three days of class and we moved through the material quickly. I could say they continue with the established format and work to make sure the information presented is the latest and greatest (take out references to CD-ROMs and update with Apps, website and other blogs that would be useful to a PM).

I have been in my role for two years and this class and reinvigorated me and provided me with a number of key skills I will need moving forward.

Overall rating

Julie G.

For the new product manager, or those collaborating with product managers; this was a great class. It covers specific tasks on which a product manager should focus & gives examples on how to perform those tasks - especially analysis tools.

I came back with lots of ideas on how I want to improve product management in our company and even how I'd like to change the main focus points of my job.

Overall rating

Jenna F.

Great instructor but some of the printed materials seemed slightly out of date (noted 2005).

Overall rating

Abigail H.


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