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Overall rating

Jamaal M.

Overall rating

Kym W.

The instructor made this class excellent. The content was interesting and thought-provoking, very well worth the investment and time.

Overall rating

Mike A.

The course completely exceeded my expectations. The presenter, Richard was amazing. He kept the material relevant, accessible and encouraged full participation of the group.

Overall rating

Michelle N.

It was so helpful! Richard Treitel was an amazing instructor and I took a lot of applicable things back to work, things we can implement right away. Very helpful, we had such a wonderful group and I overall really enjoyed everything. Thanks again!

Overall rating

Nycole S.

Great class! I got a lot of great ideas and strategic planning options to take back to my company.

Overall rating

Dave J.

For an advanced course on Strategic marketing, I found the data outdated.

Four marketing P's, product matrix, Product Life cycle may still be relevant but I was hoping for something that I didn't already learn in high school.

Overall rating

Julie G.

Richard is a fabulous course leader.
He covers key aspects with information & perspective beyond the course manual.
He also allows the attendees to participate & interact during the course.

With this course on strategic marketing, I was able to see where our team needs to place focus to move forward and improve.

Overall rating

Gena Yuvette D.

Overall rating

Reinhard P.

The course content itself is reasonable but unfortunately the execution was poor...
The course leader did not show much 'leadership' but seemed rather insecure.
Course material was skimmed through, often skipped with comments like "obvious", "assuming no questions"; subjects like 'content concentric' marketing, differentiation of B2C and B2B marketing and distinction between industries were not covered at all.
An annoying attitude of the course leader: dictating definitions or expressions of significance to the discussion instead of using the flipchart.
Overall, the interaction with attendees seemed very 'artificial'.
Based on this experience I would probably NOT attend another AMA seminar - but there have been other, better experiences in the past.

Overall rating

Courtney Q.

Really enjoyed this seminar and the fact that we were able to discuss my experiences in my career. The examples were really interesting and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to taking another AMA class in the future.

Overall rating

Randy K.

A lot of great content. It will take time to absorb everything, but that is okay.

Overall rating

Josefu O.

Richard Treitel used one of the most interactive, engaging and informative method of knowledge sharing that I have seen in a long while. I felt like a student, a colleague and a protégé in one inclusive atmosphere.
He showered a practical grasp of the lessons and gave priceless real world examples that helped me identify how to apply the theories on my job.
Time went by so fast, perhaps broader genre of modern and emerging markets, culturally could be included in future modules.


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