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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Stephanie F.

Overall rating

Roberto R.

Seminar content was very good. It shows different aspects that need to be taken into account previous to and during any negotiation meeting.

Overall rating

Mike D.

Very good

Overall rating

Danielle S.

Overall rating

David F.

The first day was mostly discussion which can get boring after awhile. The second day included some role playing which helps to add interest and interaction.

There were several case studies (including the role playing scenarios) that were extremely hard to follow and understand.

The facilitator did a good job of adding real life examples, stories and humor to "shake things up" a bit.

Overall rating

Thomas G.

I believe negotiation skills are sometimes taken for granted and the need to train for them is not emphasised nearly enough when we are training and honing our sales team's game. The AMA training is great to round out any good sales person's skills to make them a better, more confident, sales professional.


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