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Overall rating

Mindy A.

They did a very good job of covering a very broad topic. Instructor was clear, helpful and very knowledgeable (both with "book knowledge" and real world practical experience). I feel like what I learned will allow me to make improvements to my company. I do wish that there were more in depth courses for some of the specific modules (like forecasting for instance) as a follow up.

Overall rating

Ian B.

This is a good and informative class . We are currently doing a lot of the topics and was able to use this course as a review . I was able to take some action items back to work and check on our procedures

Overall rating

Richard N.

I really enjoyed the seminar because it touched upon the areas that greatly affect warehousing in my facility, (Forecasting, Purchasing, and Scheduling). The speaker presented several options that I consider as being viable solutions in improving these areas current processes.
In warehousing the speaker spoke on solutions to help improve efficiencies with regards to inventory accuracy and ways to manage the concept of using JIT.

Overall rating

Vance F.

Material covered was very informative. My challenge is fitting it into our organization as it applies to our manufacturing system.

Overall rating

Larry P.

I think I expected a little bit more with group activities as well as setting up "mock" scenarios and finding solutions to fix them.

Overall rating

Amber C.

Mr. was an excellent instructor and was able to teach in a manner that made it easy to incorporate the learning into our field of work.

Overall rating

Ricky T.

Dennis was an amazing instructor. I am excited to get back to my job to implement some of the tools that I learned during my seminar.

Overall rating

Jerry M.

The facility and accomodations were really good, which made the 3 days enjoyable.
Dennis as an instructor has to be one of the best ones I've had in all the various training seminars I have attended. His style of delivery and presentation was always enlightning and his use of real life experiences really punctuated the point and brought it to life. He is truley an asset to AMA.

Overall rating

Josefu O.

Very interactive and engaging class of participants.

Overall rating

Robin G.

Class size was very good and the instructor was personable and really knew the material well. If a question came up and he didn't know the answer right away, he spent his time in the evening to do the research. I highly recommend this class.

Overall rating

David B.

Training was great. Trainer has so much industry and related EXPERIENCE, that the training really comes to life as real world examples are presented. Enjoyed the discussion and feel that the information will make drastic changes in our operation.
Would definately recommend this training to others.


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