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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Lisa M.

The class size was small which made it less intimidating, and conducive to class participation and interaction. The instructor was friendly, encouraging, insightful and motivating.

Overall rating

Jackie T.

Mike provided feedback in a honest and professional manner. He was very clear with his direction on the steps needed for improvement for the second presentation

Overall rating

Lauren M.

Overall rating

Samer I.

Trainer was great! His suggestions and feedback will remain with me throughout my career. I would attend more of Michael's trainings in the future.

Overall rating

Kasima I.

I felt it was too short, so will discuss with my manager to do a 3 day/or 2 day if posible. I did not receive any prework assignments so ensuring that is sent out to those who register would have been helpful. ALso the the memory sticks provided could not hold 2 separate presentations for members --about 6 mintues in length which took from instructor's availablity to answer questions and reflect on comments others were making since she was trying to trouble shoot 9 separate memory sticks. the classroom should have a lectern or a stand of some sort . and i had to move a few times out of the way so that the camera could catch the speaker in the front--so the classroom should be set up in a manner that there is minimal disruption.

Overall rating

Irene F.

The instructor was very professional and friendly. Instructions were clear, encouraging, and with lots of examples. The pace and materials were adequate for the 1-day class, and everyone had chances to practice a real presentation and get feedback from peers and the instructor. Video taping is an excellent idea, the tips were very helpful. The only thing is that USB drive can have a larger capacity so that video copying will go smoothly.

Overall rating

Richard W.

Nancy was professional, friendly, motivating, supportive and highly informative on the craft of public speaking. The atmosphere created really helped everyone to feel more comfortable. I myself, have a true phobia of public speaking, and found the training both engaging, and informative.

Overall rating

Dionne E.

Great information and useful hand outs that assist in using the tools in practice.

Overall rating

Lisa B.

Overall rating

Israel L.

The information was relevant and really helpful. The instructor listened to our needs, and found out what was most important to us -this was prevalant throughout the training. We did final presentations at the end of the class, and although it was great to have a recording to take home, it would have been great if we could have gotten the instructors feedback or the classes feedback on how we did and what we could have done better. There really wasn't feedback because there was no time in the end.

Overall rating

James P.

The instructor Rene was great, material covered was excellent and relevant. Lots of material to cover in a truncated amount of time. Renee worked well to adapt and adjust curriculum to fit needs of the class. Some students (myself included) were a bit slow to adjust to pace, had trouble allaying anxieties and incorporating the newly acquired skill sets on the fly. All in time, I will absorb and incorporate. Materials are all prescient, learned great techniques, ideas, and concepts to keep message vibrant and moving forward.

Learned a lot, and will continue to, until I can't!!!


Overall rating

LeAnn G.

It was so exciting to see what just a few modifications to my presentation skills could do to improve my public speaking abilities! It was also very rewarding to see how the other people in my class improved.

Overall rating

Christina W.

The instructor was very good, especially his feedback, which helped me see what worked and didn't not just for myself, but in watching others. The class material itself was very helpful, in particular the exercises. Videotaping our presentation and giving us a copy of it was a huge plus, because I found the visual of watching myself was much greater than just hearing feedback.

The room was very HOT, and we asked multiple times for someone to correct this, but it remained hot all day. I was particularly annoyed that my company paid almost $1,100 for a seminar and lunch could not be included; why not charge an extra $10 to have lunch included, so we don't have to roam around in a strange city, finding a place to eat, and returning in time for class.


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