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Overall rating

Kevin M.

I found it very informative and lots of interaction

Overall rating

Tim G.

I really enjoyed the class and our instructor Deb was excellent. She was very good at getting everyone involved and using real world examples to empasize her points.

Overall rating

Leanne E.

The instructor made this course interesting by keeping everyone engaged .

Overall rating

Deepali V.

Loved the format of the seminar and how we were kept engaged through out the seminar by various role plays and activities.

Overall rating

Mihai I.

Well prepared seminar. The facilities are great. The teacher is well prepared, organized and a fantastic speaker / communicator.

Overall rating

Sandy G.

The speaker communicated well and kept the topics interesting.
The documentation is well written.

Overall rating

Thomas H.

Instructor moved around the classroom and had flip charts in various locations. Good mix of lecture, group activities and self reading/evaluation. Only had two breaks plus lunch which was fine with me. Some information was a referesher and other information was new to me. Overall the two sessions went by quickly.

Overall rating

Hua M.


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