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Overall rating

Darlene L.

Learning to use all 7 thinking styles in my daily job to become a better person always makes work a flow smoother,

Overall rating

Sarah H.

The content was good, but it was challenging to apply to my day-to-day work because we moved through it all quickly and examples were mainly focused on the business sector. I recommend the instructor spend more time on the activities portion of the training so students could get more hands on experience with each concept (i.e. a variety of acitivities; more than just one activity). The real-world scenario application process was useful, in theory, but would be more beneficial if it incorporated more variety so everyone could relate to it (i.e. non-profit; privat/public business; college campus faculty; state/local govt; etc). Also, I recommend a summary of key points at the end of each section to help students retain all the information, especially the terms. And lastly, I prefer the instructor to take charge in setting up partners for team activities; I believe it removes a sense of awkwardness that some of us (introverts) feel.

Overall rating

June S.

Overall rating

Kimberly N.

I think with all courses of this type you find areas of the agenda that are most related to what you do and how you work. I will definitely take the time to review my thinking style and how it relates to others.
Ms. Coussens was a good presenter. She did not let the class lead her into directions the course was not supposed to take. Started on time no matter who was out of the class, which I appreciated, and also kept the room engaged. She was also adept at stopping conversation from the group members that like to ramble.

Overall rating

Ana Isabel d.

Overall rating

Terri T.

I found value in all of the course activities. All of the topics were essential to developing greater problem solving skills and developing the tools necessary to make the best decisions. I recommend this seminar to any operational manager.


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