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Overall rating

Toshiyuki J.

Hi, I'm Japanese came to US 4 years ago.
My main purpose were two themes. One was a realization what was difference between American management and Japanese one. Other was definition the theme for my English training as next step.
Contents were expected. This is very useful for me.
Moreover, atmosphere of classroom which was controled with energy and humor by Mr. Woods was awesome. He led lots of positive argument. And he and my classmates treated me as equal to other Americans even if my English level was still poor. It was very glad for me.
This experience gave me more than price and let impressed me.
I appreciate that.

Overall rating

Amy B.

Overall, I was quite disappointed with this seminar. I understood the course to be geared to mid-level management, but it felt very beginner. The instrutor was extremely low energy and while very nice, I didn't have the sense she was exactly a dynamo manager in her time in corporate career. The materials used in the class and homework case studies were ridiculously old - VHS! - and were sub-standard for the amount being paid for the course.

The foundation of the course was a personality assessment using the Platinum methodology, which is similar to the DISC or MBTI. I've done both DISC and MBTI multiple times, so this was not at all new learnings for me - had I known this approach I could have adjusted accordingly. Others found it informative. If you've done these tests before in the workplace, I would recommend passing on this one.

Sorry, but I can't say I would recommend this course to anyone but a new manager.

Overall rating

David D.

Overall rating

Christina R.

I absolutely enjoyed the class and was kept interested the entire 3 days.
Mr. Woods was so enthusiastic and made you want to hear every motivating word.

I did feel as if many people in the class wanted one on one training. Continued to ask specific questions and wanted Mr. Woods to provide the specific resolution for their particular problem versus learning the objection and using it back at the work place.

I would absolutely recommend this class and if I had a choice I would always prefer to attend a class hosted by Mr. Woods.. he was that exciting, motivating and just plain made sense!!

Overall rating

Damon F.

Definitely came out with some useful information to apply in the real world.

The instructor had good insight and answered even difficult questions with practical, useful suggestions.

The variety of people attending (science, software, real estate, construction, oil, medical) provided a lot of interesting perspectives.

Overall rating

Michal P.

This course helped me to understand the different working styles and behaviors of my direct reports, my manager, and colleagues. It also provided useful tools in the course handouts to help me tailor my own style so that I can be more effective at work and reduce tension between mine and others' working behaviors.

Overall rating

Evelyn H.

I've attended a few seminars and this one was the best yet. The instructor was able to provide insight on the topics and how to apply the concepts; she didn't make you feel "rushed" and she encouraged us all to speak openly about issues we're facing in the workplace.
The simulation at the end really allowed the class to work together and apply the skills learned.

Overall rating

Roger D.

The in-class examples and demonstrations augment the material very well. This is a great course for anyone looking to sharpen their management skills.

Overall rating

Michael S.

Overall rating


Overall, the seminar was good considering this was my first management seminar experience. The presentation exercise topic for the last day was not related to the seminar.

Overall rating

Ivett H.

I enjoyed the training very much and not only learned a lot, but also served as validation of some practices that I already use. Some of the things I learned such, as assessment and understanding different behaviors will definitively enhance my effectiveness as a manager. It was much educational to attend a session of actual class, interaction with other managers, and having simulations on different common issues that we all face at the workplace.

Overall rating

Janesa R.

The content was great and the instructor presented it well. I found it easy to relate to my job and I am confident that I can apply it to my daily work. I enjoyed this course and will recommend it to my peers. However the instructor repeated himself a lot, yelled at times and told many personal stories. He did not let the group talk much to each other or give examples of their stories. The instructor seemed put off by doing anything outside his scheduled lecture. If he added time in for discussion and open comments I think it would make an excellent course.

Overall rating

Melinda P.

I felt that the information was very good, useful information. I definitely learned some valuable tools that I will take home and try to utilize. The course presenter's style was a little over the top - too much yelling/loud speaking and very, very repetitive. At times you felt a little like a kindergartner instead of a management student with his style, rules, and over talking. Additionally, he would say the same item/topic 3-4 times in a different way or format or story. That is just not necessary at this level of seminar - we get it the first time. After the second or third time repeating the same information - you tend to zone out....

Overall rating

Krissi F.

Good class. Awesome instructor!

Overall rating

James M.

Overall rating

Kimberly P.

Session was a bit long. We are all busy, so to be away from the office for three days was a bit much. I think the information could have been covered adequately in two days, with less room for discussion that sometimes meandered off topic anyway.

Overall rating

Roger B.

Excellent instructor - valuable content and depth of subjects covered. Roger B.


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