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Overall rating

Gina C.

The class was a great class and I met a lot of really interesting people. I really enjoyed spending two days getting to know the professor as well as other participants from a variety of different companies and backgrounds.

Overall rating

Brian S.

The description was terrible. The material provided was outdated and geared towards a very entry level person. The tone and discussions were so basic and felt like one was in a grade school class. I think the course description was misleading by not being more descriptive about how you would manage and build a personal brand. I was hoping for a higher level type of thinking and thought process for this course. The material made references to Fax's, and customs that are not applicable to modern meetings.
It was a waste of my time and my companies money.
I would not recommend this to anyone unless they will be graduating college and looking to understand the workplace.

Overall rating

Michelle S.

Excellent seminar! The course provided professional and personal expertise which are tools that can benefit any individual or organization moving towards a bright future.

Overall rating

Nancy B.

The seminar provided valuable information and assessments to re-affirm my communication style and that of others and how to carry on appropriate dialogue with those having different styles. Class size was perfect for interactive participation to help develop individual brands and to become self-aware of current levels of professionalism. New concepts and ideas were presented to build self-promotion skills. Acknowledgement of body language also affirmed that neutral does not mean negative.....neutral, as opposed to sad or mad, is all about the systematic thought process and communication style.

Thanks for the wonderful insight!

Overall rating

Patrick R.

The instructor was great but the content was ok. I was expecting something not so much a refresher (what utensils to use, how to dress) but more impactful. Perhaps speaking with executives and professionals and get their feedback about being in meeting, speaking with clients or higher-ups, the real grind, to get a different perspective. I think that would be beneficial to the future classes...

Overall rating

Faron S.

A solid curriculum built to present ideas for the professional to improve their executive presence. The direction of the instructor combined with peer feedback allowed the engaged student to build on their personal brand in a positive way. Make no mistake, if no effort is put forth after the course is complete, there will be little change. But with the instruction and tools provided, and effort exerted, the student’s personal brand will be refined to fit any working environment.

Overall rating

Julianna T.

Wonderful holistic approach to evaluating your personal brand. Loved harry.


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