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Overall rating

Mike R.

I think Beverly is a great instructor. She kept us on track when we were vearing off. She engaged us right from the start. Great seminar!

Overall rating

Jane H.

As always, a leader can make or break the seminar. In my case, the leader was the reason it was so successful. He maintained an even pace, stimulated conversation among the attendees and offered personal anecdotes as examples. The content was relevant and worthwhile.

Overall rating

Mark L.

Course content very applicable to my career and responsibilies. Instructor was very responsive to the group. She presented well and provided situational "coaching" that will be extremely valuable.

Overall rating

Diane P.

This seminar was very relevant to my position. There was an excellent mix of learning from the facilitator and interaction between participants. Our class was small so it felt like we each got personalized attention to meet our own outcome goals.
Beverly was positive, patient and an excellent presenter. I feel that I will be able to put some new skills to work immediately.

Thank you for a very rewarding experience.

Overall rating

Amanda I.

Jennifer was excellent! She let us work through real life situations that we're all struggling with right now and helped us understand the best approach to coaching those individuals. She picked up on so many things that I never would have noticed. It was evident that she is an expert at Coaching...not just someone off the street reading through a book.

Overall rating

Jake Z.

Overall rating

Nora K.

Nothing like what I expected to learn...We did not discuss job performance. The training only covered coaching and this was not applicable to my job nor was it why I signed-up for this training. I was very disappointed to spend over $2000 for a seminar and not be able to apply my learning to my job.

Overall rating

Jim C.

Excellent course. Instructor was a retired military officer who demonstrated strong leadership skills and offered outstanding guidance during the course. The knowledge obtained by attending this class has already provided me with additional skills which will make me a better supervisor.


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