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Overall rating

Muriel C.

The training was excellent. I highly recommend for managers that are starting in the role. Coaching tips and how to use leadership styles are very important when you are starting.

Overall rating

Bernadette T.

Good refresher class

Overall rating

Adesanya K.

The re-take of the seminar really eposed the need to develop, upgrade and strenghtning my skill equally in the application of the four leader styles when and where applicable.

Overall rating

Michelle G.

Overall rating

Morgan T.

The instructor did a great job of taking feedback from the group and modifying his delivery to meet the needs of the participants. He showed real Customer Focus and Humility which I have found can be scarce commodities for people with his credentials.

Overall rating

Eric J.

Great course. Covered a variety of key topics. Good for those looking to "tune up" their leadership skills as well as new entrants in leadership roles.

Angie was an awesome facilitator. Struck a great balance of allowing adequate dialogue to ensure understanding while still keeping the course moving.

Strongly recommend. Thought the course was well worth it.

Overall rating

Dan L.

Content was very useful. The instructor kept the group engaged. A lot of team activities and very little lecture-the way learning should be.
I would highly recommend no matter what level of manager or leader that you are.

Overall rating

Erin T.

1) I realized that the problems or issues I have on a daily basis are universal. 2) Angie was very engaging and informative while getting everyone in the room to interact. 3) I feel more confident in my decision making and have a better understanding as to how to breakdown project and the people involved. 4) The importance of positive reinforcement goes along way but needs to be sincere. 5)Negative feedback is a necessity for anyone to grow and understand their roll, as long as the feedback is handled in a constructive manner.

I would definately attached more seminars thru AMA.

Overall rating

Rowena G.

The class was very helpful for my current job, and I feel that I took away things that I can apply immediately to my job.

I also want to acknowledge that the instructor did a very good job of covering the subject matter.

Overall rating

Jim R.

Overall rating

Michael D.

I really liked the interactive aspects of the class. I also like the instructor creating the flip charts as we went along. It makes it much easier to stay engaged, and I was able to take pictures of them for my notes.
The instructor did a great job and obviously knows the subject well.


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