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Overall rating

Jeanne L.

I enjoyed the class. The facilitator was very down-to-earth, and pragmatic , which I liked.
I feel like I came away wuth some useful, practical tools to use back at my job.

Overall rating

Janice V.

Seminar was excellent Yael was a very informative instructor. Evaluations are completed each day of the seminar, why do we keep getting bombarded with more surveys? Do you not compare your own processes?

Overall rating

Henry S.

I just have one issue with the Interpersonal Effectiveness Profile that we completed in the seminar. I did note this on the evaluation card that I completed at the end of the seminar. In this specific inteance we were asked to rate how others would rate you on how "contented" you were. I interpreted contented to be happy with your work conditions but I think that the people that designed the survey meant to ask how contented were you with the work that you do. I would give two different types of responses to each of these questions.During the workshop I suggested that this might be an ethnocentric bias. But, it could be easily corrected.
It had nothing to do with the how I rated the seminar.

Overall rating

Tom H.

Great seminar that provided a lot of great skills and tools that I have already begun to implement with my team.

Overall rating

Iris F.

This seminar was very informative and useful in my current position. The material and hands on exercises were stimulating and really got you involved in the lecture. I would recommend this course to all managers.

Overall rating

Jesse B.

The instructor chosen for our iteration was excellent. He ficilitated the activities to maximize our learning and application of the materials delivered. The facility was excellent and well placed in Crystal City. I will be able to use the information and skills learned at this training immediately in my job as a Prgram Manager.

Overall rating

Wendy L.

i thought there was too much time devoted to conflict management, which became a bit of a distraction to "This seminar will give you the skills to be an adaptive manager, someone who can create clarity, vision and build mutual trust with your team and other departments. It will show you how to inspire optimal performance from team members and help bring out their strongest talents"

Overall rating

Paul V.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class engaged. The course content was very informative.

Overall rating

Jim C.

Course was well organized and provided very good material. Also, the instructor was well prepared and very knowledgable of the topic.

Overall rating

Tracy D.

The trainer was great, and the exercises were very good. The videos were VERY old - content was fine, but they could stand a re-do.


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