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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Donna B.

I was very skeptical as to what I would learn, and thought that the class would indicate I had to change my very nature.

The class showed me how to work on my Executive Presence within my personality and my own definition of how I defined Executive Presence. There was research to back up the points discussed in the class.

The intimate group of women and the class moderator were incredible and I walked out of the class confident and excited about my future.

Overall rating

Reganda S.

Overall rating

Lili L.

Overall rating

Katie G.

Lots of handy tips and the seminar goes into psychological depth and doesn't just give physical tips. The instructor was engaging as well.

Overall rating

Jolene J.

The instructor, Michele, is very engaging and is an excellent presenter. The class was interactive and the breakout small group sessions were helpful. The information and the exercises were very applicable to the participants. Also, the workbook provided is appreciated, but would be even better if was provided in a digital format so I could store on my work computer for reference.

Overall rating

Janet C.

Instructor Michele was the "critical success factor" in making the seminar so impactful

Overall rating

Andrea Z.

This was an eye-opening seminar. "Executive Presence" is more complex than I realized, and it was enlightening to see it through a female lens. It was truly empowering to practice skills and get feedback from a diverse group of intelligent, successful and supportive women.

Overall rating

Margot S.

Seeing yourself as others see you is important in taking that next step.

Overall rating

Akvile S.

Was very helpful training. Interactive and engaging. The instructor was very effective. Provided helpful feedback. The class was very interesting. Would like to take Emotional Intelligence class with the same instructor.

Overall rating

Sylvia P.

The instructor was excellent and smaller class size really made this seminar effective.

Overall rating

Jill E.

It was excellent! The small group and interactive formats allowed us to exchange ideas with each other and the facilitator. It was a great way to learn & practice skills in a safe environment. This is one course I actually completed the action plan and started practicing skills at work the very next day. It was also helpful to network with women from other industries. I would highly recommend this course!

Overall rating

Christine G.

This workshop provided information and insight that I could apply immediately. It was more than just theory, it combined discussion with practice. The group was only 9 people, which was nice for developing trust and rapport with the other participants. Candid feedback didn't feel threatening to give or receive.

The instructor did a great job of guiding us, and gently pushed us to analyze our words and body language. The class environment felt like one of growth. I will recommend this class to other women in leadership roles.

Overall rating

Kathleen C.

Kathryn was well prepared and obviously an expert in her field. It was ENJOYABLE to listen to her and participate in the related actvities. The seminar was practical and shared information and techniques that will be useful in the work place.

Overall rating

Misty R.

Loved it! I learned so much about how to change others perception me.


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