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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Steven G.

This was the best Leadership Program which I have ever attended. Our class size was small, but filled with Experienced Professionals. The classroom discussions and workshops provided the additional and unexpected value.

The Course Instructor, was fantastic. His knowledge and professional experience complimented his very open and pleasant personality.

Overall rating

Christopher B.

The instructor was the highlight of the course. His real-world experience made for relevant discussions about how the material translated to my job.

Overall rating

Brad R.

Overall rating

James C.

Overall rating

Eric H.

This class was very beneficial and I got a lot out of it. The instructor (Marty) presented the material well and kept the attendees engaged. The instructor tailored the class to the students in it and used a lot of our experiences as teaching tool. The facilities provided a comfortable learning environment. Great selection of drinks from soda, teas and coffee just wished maybe there were some snacks either free or vending machine. I will recommend this class to my coworkers.

Overall rating

Matthew C.

It has been a long time since I have been this excited after leaving training class that I was after attending your advanced executive leadership course. I have already begun implementing skills and leadership tactics that were examined in your course. The instructer was gifted at looking at our strengths and aiding us in evaluating how to bolster our weaknesses.

Overall rating

David M.

Overall rating

Kevin O.

Materials need to be updated. Videos were too long. The class did not teach advanced level (executive) concepts. Perhaps a few but overall no. While some story telling is appropriate, multiples took away from the learner experience and added time to the class. . Facilitator seemed to get flustered at times and called participants out, which tends to shut people down. There are better ways to handle challenging participants, especially adult learners.
I did appreciate the visuals with John's charts, and also the team case study activities.

Overall rating

Natalie T.

Great class! The presentation was interesting, relative to my work, and kept me awake the entire time.

Overall rating

Gary S.

Great content very up to date and the class flowed very well

Bill as an intructor was great. His real world example and his personility really contributed to teh course content.


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