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Overall rating

Debbie Y.

The class provided me with some good insight and ideas on leadership... being a women in leadership.

Kathryn did a great job in providing the tools and ideas to apply it to work immediately.

Overall rating

Susan P.

I think that the women in leadership seminar will be extremely beneficial to my career. Our leader, Kathryn, created an environment of sharing and made sure that all issues were addressed. There was a good mix of women in the class and everyone participated. The class material was organized to allow a lot of group participation which helped everyone talk out their issues and get feedback from all participants. I would definitely recommend this course to my co-workers and friends who are in management.

Overall rating

Jennifer B.

Overall rating

Kimberly E.

This class was excellent! I would recommend this seminar to any women looking to nourish her career development.

Overall rating

Stephanie G.

Kathryn lead a dynamic class. Strong interaction from all the attendees. Many ah-ha moments. What was especially effective was the diversity of the participants. All levels of management, wide range of ages and multiple industries. I will be able to use many of the ideas at home and and the work place.
I will definitely suggest this class to co-workers and peers.

Overall rating

Daniela T.

This was one of the best (if not THE best ) and useful Seminars I ever attended.
It hit the spot with me personally and I took a lot of interesting information and strategies with me. I would even call it an eye opener. I am convinced that this will help me to advance in my career.

Overall rating

Lisa F.

I thought the training was great...chock full of information that was thoroughly applicable immediately in the workplace. It really forced me to take a look at my blindspots (mixed messages received/behaviors that I was exhibiting from childhood) and how these blindspots could be causing various career detrements. Would like a little more time in discussion of certain topics: Creating Elevator speech, understanding how to deprogram some of those mixed messages/recordings and to identify/ focus on what we really want as women in our careers, etc.)

Overall rating

Regina S.

Overall rating

Debora E.

Class interaction was great. Presentation slides sometimes confusing. Not sure I agree with the cost of the class for the information I gained.

Overall rating

Niurka N.

Recomend it to all women in business.

Overall rating

Laura B.

Deborah was an excellent facilitator for the topic. She kept the training on track, it was enjoyable, totally relevant to any female in the professional world, and she brought a wealth of credability and experience to the table. I would recommend her course to any working female.

Overall rating

Lisa C.

Deb was an excellent course leader. I left the seminar feeling empowered and now have the tools to push my professional path forward.

Overall rating

Julie G.

Thought this was one of the better seminars I've ever attended. Loved the group of women that attended with me and felt we all had a great deal to contribute to the class. I definitely recommended to my coworkers because I thought they would get a lot out of it as well.

Overall rating

Catherine G.

The instructor Alexis was very engaging and shared her personal career experiences which made the seminar even more empowering. The time that was spent in group discussion was so educational. I took many great experiences shared between the women in the class and will put those to practice in my own career. A truly empowering seminar for career women looking to strategically climb the corporate ladder!

Overall rating

Monica G.

The most valuable part of this workshop was having the opportunity to role play with other professional women. I came back to work and immediately started having much improved transactions at work because of the practice and skills I obtained in the workshop. I wish every woman I know could take this course! There is something in it for everyone. Even my husband was excited by the content I shared with him about how to build a strategic network and how to compete collaboratively. Kathryn is a great moderator and kept the course moving along with not a sleepy eye in the house!

I highly recommend the course for any woman who believes there is always room for improvement in her professional life, and is brave enough to seek it out!


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