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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Marci P.

Overall rating

Andre K.

It was presented in a fun way, class participation and interaction really helps the understanding process.

Instructor was knowledgeable in all the areas of the program and made sure we were able to answer the questions from the scenarios provided. If not, he would explain in detail assuring that we understood the concepts.

I enjoyed the class and am confident that I will implement new processes that I learned into my daily work environment which will help improve our current methods of operation.

Overall rating

Joseph P.

very informative,

Overall rating

Matthew I.

Overall rating

John L.

The whole AMA staff from the front desk to the instructor were wonderful.

Dr. Wallner was amazing. Her knowledge and experience was perfect for the class. I was amazed by the depth of her knowledge and her ability to present the material in an easy-to-understand format. If you needed one example, she had seven others waiting for you. I am using the knowledge I gained just one week after attending the seminar.

I would highly recommend this class to those in the accounting or management departments looking for another way to analyze their current costing structure.

Overall rating

Stephen F.

The work pages need to be tidied up. We were unsure as to which parts we were supposed to answer because there were no blank lines in the book to show us. Also, some of the pages had headers that looked like formulas. It was confusing. Pauline was a great presenter and tied it back to the real world very well.

Overall rating

Hamed A.

Over-whelming amount of informaiton in just two and a half day. In most of the topics, the lecturer keep reading off of the book without trying to assess if everyone in the class really understood the formulas and technical terms. The venue and content of all AMA sessions are great! It is just the lecturers they need to focus a bit on.

Overall rating

Chaitanya S.

Reading material should be provided before the seminar for pre class reading.

Overall rating

Kojo C.

I think it should be at least 3 days so we want feel rushed.

Overall rating

Nejib K.

Overall rating

Denise T.

I found the seminar to be very informative and the instructor very good. She made a not so exciting subject interesting.

Overall rating

Clorissa O.

Class was very helpful even to identify areas that need further research, discussion or training needs.I would attend another AMA seminar without hesitation. My company is looking to send additional employees to the Fundamentals of Cost Accounting. Instructor was well versed in subject matter and gave diverse examples that explained differences between service and manufactoring settings.

Overall rating

Bob G.


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