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LXL Onliine Courses

Need to tackle an urgent challenge?

AMA's LXL Express Skills Series offers a practical understanding of targeted skills. These short live online sessions are adapted from our renowned multi-day seminars and taught by our same world-class faculty. We’ve designed them so you’ll still have time to “learn by doing” and master a powerful new skill.

Analytical Skills
3 Steps to Exceptional Critical Thinking LXL Express Seminars New
Develop better solutions through a clear, systematic approach to thinking.
How to Prioritize and Make Decisions Like a Pro LXL Express Seminars New
Frantic, under pressure, can’t say no. Does this sound like you?
Business Enhancement Skills
Confidence-Building Skills for Women LXL Express Seminars New
Learn how to handle yourself in just about any situation!
Secrets to Boosting Productivity LXL Express Seminars New
Take back your time with specific tactics to keep you sharp and focused.
Communication Skills
How to Build a Persuasive Power Base LXL Express Seminars New
Do you need to get work done through others?
How to Flex Your Communication Style LXL Express Seminars New
Do people hear what you’re saying— or only how you’re saying it?
Powerful Communication Techniques LXL Express Seminars New
Don't hem and haw! Communicate effectively throughout the organization.
Finance and Accounting
How to Speak Accounting LXL Express Seminars New
Where are they getting those numbers? If you've ever asked that question, you need Accounting 101!
Human Resource Management
How to Build a High-Performing Team Using the MBTI® Tool and Type LXL Express Seminars New
Understand the key components to working effectively as a team.
Successfully Applying the MBTI® Assessment: A Hands-on Refresher LXL Express Seminars New
Brush up on the fundamental concepts of using the MBTI® Assessment and Personality Type
How to Coach a Virtual Team LXL Express Seminars New
Building relationships over hundreds—or thousands—of miles? Trying to set goals that are understood around the globe? These special circumstances require special skills.
Management and Supervisory Skills
How to Manage Time, Meetings and Stress LXL Express Seminars New
What keeps you from getting things done during the day?
Painless Performance Management LXL Express Seminars New
Managing Your Employees to Meet Organizational Goals
Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback LXL Express Seminars New
Giving feedback can be difficult and sometimes hurtful. Often stressful. How do you even begin? Learn simple techniques that make a difference.
Project Management
How to Create a Project Schedule that Works LXL Express Seminars New
Develop a blueprint to deliver your project successfully.
How to Start a Project Right LXL Express Seminars New
Don’t jeopardize your project’s objectives by starting off with inaccurate and unrealistic baselines for scope, timeline, costs and quality.
How to Successfully Execute a Project Plan LXL Express Seminars New
Are you ready to deliver on the promise of your project?
How to Fill the Sales Pipeline LXL Express Seminars New
Proven Sales Prospecting Methods that Will Work for You