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Disinterest in Your Customer’s Needs

Have you ever walked into a store and staff stood around talking as you looked first in one place and then in another, not finding what you were looking for? At that point, would you recommend any one of the sales clerks for a raise or promotion? I doubt you would. If you are in sales, and I walked into your place of business, would I have a similar negative opinion about you?

A customer-centric focus means that you are interested in identifying my needs and helping me to satisfy them. If you work in retail, I expect you to offer to help me when our eyes meet. If you’re not interested enough to want to help me, I have to wonder if I should ever come to the store again.
As important, if your boss is watching you, he or she is probably wondering why you were hired as a sales person.

About the Author(s)

Florence M. Stone is editorial director for American Management Association.