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AMA Corporate Learning Solutions Success Story:

The Challenge

Siemens Power Generation, Inc. is one of the world’s leading specialists in engineering, manufacturing, constructing and maintaining major power generation equipment. Its field engineers must be able to assemble a project team, establish technical objectives, plan projects, manage changes to the scope and control the undertaking so it’s completed on schedule, within budget, and as Michael Sivick, Manager of Training and Development, emphasizes, with “a high degree of consistency and quality.”

"Newer engineers need to understand what makes a successful project and develop the hard skills or competencies critical to project management," he recalls. "Experienced engineers need to enhance their people skills to be better able to respond to tough interpersonal issues." Here’s where AMA was of help.

AMA Solution

Discussions with AMA Vice President of Sales Sam Davis convinced Siemens Power Generation, Inc. that AMA could successfully deliver the kind of program they wanted. Some assembly was required. "It seems too simple to say that AMA’s basic project management course was customized," says Sivick. "Significant changes were made to the curriculum, adding two days to the program." These changes resulted from an in-depth discussion between AMA and Sivick and his team, in which they shared all those critical competencies that Siemens Power Generation, Inc. valued in project managers and its business goals.

The partnership approach extended into implementation as well. In the deployment of the revised and expanded course, AMA focused primarily on leadership and people skills as well as generic project management skills, while Sivick and his training team concentrated on more focused, proprietary issues.

Real-World Results

"We decreased the ramp-up time for less experienced engineers, enabling them to take on positions of authority a lot quicker than they had in the past," says Sivick. Meanwhile, in addressing the needs of more experienced engineers, he adds, "We have seen increased effectiveness of field people in project management, including communications and interpersonal skills."

Recently, Siemens Power Generation, Inc. updated the course content, making it an integral part of its new global PM@Siemens initiative and an internal requirement for Project Management (PM) certification within Siemens.

"This adds up to a win-win partnership for us," Sivick says, "and most importantly, it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing world-class project management to our customers." In the past 5 years, nearly 250 professionals and managers at Siemens Power Generation, Inc. have completed the AMA customized training.