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Global Leadership Development: Preparing Leaders for a Globalized Market

The purposeful development of global competencies and capabilities among leaders is essential to organizational effectiveness and competitive edge..

Four key findings:

  1. Global leaders need local knowledge: Immersion in the cultures and customs of local markets is essential to creating a GLD curriculum, building competencies and delivering learning.
  2. Collaboration and influence define the new global leader: These skills are brought to bear in teaching employees with diverse learning styles and in leading virtual teams.
  3. Focus selection on behaviors: GLD selection is best made with objective evidence by those who have observed and documented behaviors related to skills and competencies, as well as the individual’s performance track record and the use of behavioral assessments.
  4. Looking longer-term pays off: Develop GLD curriculum based on the future-focused skills and competency needs of the business.

Take advantage of this powerful research to benchmark your organization and inform your future leadership development initiatives.

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