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CASE STUDIES: Mitsubishi

Corporate Learning Solutions Success Story:

Mitsubishi was faced with training people from different backgrounds and with varying skill sets. Learn how, with AMA’s help, they created a learning experience that made sense across the board.

The Challenge

Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese-based Mitsubishi Corporation with a substantial—and growing—operation in the U.S. This unique knowledge-based company offers a broad range of services to add value and create international business opportunities. Its primary role is to bring different companies together—suppliers of materials as well as manufacturers of products. With the help of AMA, Mitsubishi brought together a group of their own managers in the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Japan for a week-long training session, “Creating Value Through Sound Decision Making.”

The Tokyo office had stressed the need for all employees to have a solid understanding of the principles of finance throughout the operation. New York-based Senior Vice President of Human Resources Richard Lovell wanted to provide training where people can learn skills they can actually apply on the job. One of the biggest training challenges Mitsubishi faced was how to train a group of individuals from different backgrounds and varying skill sets. How do you create a learning experience that makes sense across the board?

AMA Solution

Lovell and HR Manager Jil Galloway had had positive experiences with AMA in the past. They were pleased with the caliber of instruction and impressed with AMA’s wide variety of courses. “We knew we could modify AMA courses to meet Mitsubishi’s specific needs. It was a lot easier to put together than if we tried to do it from scratch,” said Lovell.

They worked with AMA staff and instructors to create a customized workshop that covered the basic elements of finance and marketing and then tied in elements of problem solving and decision making. AMA took into consideration the fact that for many of the participants, English was a second language.

The audience of mid- to senior-level managers was handpicked by senior vice presidents of the six business units, with suggestions from the HR team. “It was important for us to enroll people in the course who may have an opportunity to work together in the future,” Lovell observed. “Introducing people who may have never met each other but who might be able to cooperate to create business in the future was a further enhancement to the training.”

Real-World Results

The participants’ reactions to the session were positive across the board. Management had been bought into the training session from the beginning and they were pleased with the end results. But the ultimate proof of success is that Mitsubishi is coming back for more: rolling out the workshop to a new group of managers in the fall and launching a negotiation skills program patterned after the concept of teaching people relevant job skills. Jil Galloway concludes, “I think we’ve had a lot of success with AMA. Our relationship is growing and we appreciate the support we get.”

Thank you, Richard and Jil, for sharing our commitment to developing your people and making Mitsubishi into a learning organization!