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Ernst & Young

AMA Corporate Learning Solutions Success Story:

At Ernst & Young, I support the learning and development needs of our internal support professionals in the U.S., known as Core Business Services. We have a wide variety of learning needs—both technical and soft skills—and learners come from diverse backgrounds with varying skill sets. AMA affords us a wide range of learning solutions at different levels. We strive for consistency across our service line; AMA helps us achieve this by customizing content to address our business critical issues.

Mary Beth Manners

One of the things I’ve seen over and over is that the more we work with AMA, the better AMA understands what Ernst & Young does and how it runs. AMA has a track record in the training industry but it also has a track record with us. It’s been an incredibly positive experience for both sides. We know we can always go back to AMA for a solution tailored to our needs…and we’ll both be on the same page.

Ernst & Young employees with different experiences take classes with each other and latch on to a single learning experience together. For example, three AMA courses that are most popular at Ernst & Young are:  Getting Results Without Authority, Customer Service Excellence, and Delegation Bootcamp.  These workshops have upgraded the skill set of the participants so they can deal with the challenges of globalization and the need for increased productivity and efficiency. AMA helps us level set, that is, get everyone up to speed, at the same knowledge level, quickly and consistently.

On post-workshop evaluations, participants have commented on AMA courses: “A great course…great classroom discussion…well conducted.” Content was “valuable…very comprehensive…practical.” Facilitators were “interesting and engaging…knew their stuff” and “did an excellent job of focusing on Ernst & Young issues relevant to the job.” “It was one of the most relevant and engaging workshops I’ve ever taken!” But even more important, they say, “I will use the nuggets I learned today on my job and “it provoked my thought processes and helped me apply what I learned to daily situations.”


Mary Beth Manners
Core Business Services Learning Leader—Americas
Americas People Team
Ernst & Young LLP

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