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Information Systems and Technology Council


Council Chairman

George O. Strawn, Ph.D
National Coordination Office
Networking and IT R&D
United States Government

Mr. Nick Backscheider
Associate Executive Director
Office of Information Technology
Auburn University

Mr. Kamal M. Bherwani
Grupo Prisa

Mr. Charles H. Church, Jr.
Chief Information Officer
Information Analysis & Infrastructure Protection
Department of Homeland Security

Ms. Patricia A. Coffey
Vice President, Technology
Allstate Insurance Company

Ms. Esther M. Delurgio

Mr. Mark E. Egan

Mr. Bruce McCullough
Director of Global Business Systems

Mr. Scott D. McGill
Administrative Information Services
Michigan State University

Ms. Peggy A. Miller
e-Technology & Intellectual Property Law
Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP

Mr. William H. Miller, Jr.
Vice President
Harris Information Services

Mr. Jagdeep Randhawa
Vice President, Information Technology and eCommerce
CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company

Mr. Jeff Reid
Chief Information Officer

Mr. Robert M. Rubin
Valley Management Consultants

James M. Scott, D. Phil
Director, Knowledge Management & Information Protection
Corning Incorporated

Mr. Keith Sturgill
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Eastman Chemical Company

Mr.  James F. Sutter
Senior Partner
The Peer Consulting Group

Mr. Walter Weir
Chief Information Officer
University of Nebraska