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Analytical Skills Solutions

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Critical Thinking Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Critical thinking skills give you ways to arrive at better decisions and can help you determine what matters most in any business challenge.
Improve Your Analytical Skills: Making Information Work for You Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Quickly synthesize data, determine implications and make informed decisions.
3 Steps to Exceptional Critical Thinking Express Skills Series Seminars Onsite Seminars New
Develop better solutions through a clear, systematic approach to thinking.
Advanced Tools and Techniques for Data Analysis Classroom Seminars New
Manipulate complex data sets to gain deeper insights and make better decisions
Critical Thinking Workshop Onsite Seminars
To stay competitive, everyone must nail down this skill!
Fundamentals of Forecasting Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Get the basic skills you need to accurately predict revenues and costs.
How to Turn Data into Compelling Visual Presentations Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Visually and clearly present data and the message it represents.
Introduction to Social Network Analysis OnDemand Seminars
Explore a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods for describing, measuring, and analyzing social networks
Tools and Techniques for Mastering Data Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Make smarter business decisions using these powerful data analysis methods.
Strategic Planning Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Develop the best strategic planning to support your company’s goals.
Facilitating an Effective Strategic Planning Session Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Efficiently prepare and run strategic planning sessions that produce real results.
Fundamentals of Strategic Planning Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Improve your knowledge of strategic planning to understand what senior management is thinking and why—and increase your value to your organization!
Strategic Thinking Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Develop a strategic mindset to increase the success of your strategic plans.
Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Get powerful problem-solving skills to more successfully reason through business problems
Decision Making: Getting It Right Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Decide crucial matters with clarity and confidence.
How to Prioritize and Make Decisions Like a Pro Express Skills Series Seminars New
Frantic, under pressure, can’t say no. Does this sound like you?
Managing Chaos: Tools to Set Priorities and Make Decisions Under Pressure Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Master the challenges of an expanding workload and perpetual change!
Strategic Agility and Resilience: Embracing Change to Drive Growth Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Enhance your ability to respond to complex and unpredictable business changes by mastering the competencies of agile leadership!
Strategy Execution: Getting It Done Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Get the skills and knowledge to accomplish what so many others don’t—the successful implementation of strategic goals.
Specialized Functional Areas
AMA’s Advanced Financial Forecasting and Modeling Workshop Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Create more powerful and accurate financial models that steer you to business-improving decision making.
AMA’s Course on Financial Analysis Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Master financial analysis and keep your profit outlook right on the money.
Building a Center of Expertise in Workforce Planning and Analytics Classroom Seminars
Learn to design and implement a workforce analytics and planning COE.
Business Analysis Essentials Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Explore the business analysis fundamentals.
Data As a Strategic Asset: A Customer-Focused Approach Classroom Seminars
Developed with IBM® exclusively for AMA
Mastering Google Analytics Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Leverage Google Analytics to better optimize and track your website performance.
Planning and Forecasting Organizational Expenses Classroom Seminars
Develop more accurate budgets by minimizing the effects of unexpected events.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Boot camp Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Develop the right SEO strategy for your business and watch your results soar.
Strategic Workforce Planning: Defining and Fulfilling Business Requirements Classroom Seminars
Launch a sustainable strategic workforce planning process.
Workforce Metrics and Analytics: Driving Business Results with Data Classroom Seminars
Get knowledge and resources to implement effective workforce metrics and analytics.