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Strategic Planning Solutions

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Strategic Planning
Art of the Strategist
What can two thousand years of winning strategy do for your business?
Brand Real
To create an exceptional brand experience, remember that sometimes less is more.
Building, Leading, and Managing Strategic Alliances
Corporate acquisition is no longer the growth model for technology-based companies. Now the name of the game is alliances.
Corporate Agility
How to compete and win in a global economy.
Creating and Dominating New Markets
How to blow away the competition by being the only competition -- in this step-by-step guide to creating and dominating new markets.
Early Warning
In business, forewarned is forearmed.
Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management
In today's business environment, risk is a natural part of life. This book gives readers an entire framework for managing it for great results.
Future Savvy
A critical roadmap that helps companies turn "future shock" into "future savvy".
Going Lean
Follow the lead of Toyota, Southwest Airlines, and Wal-Mart and embrace "Lean Dynamics" for business success.
Good Governance for Nonprofits
Even small nonprofits can develop a standard policies manual to ensure a responsible board.
Leadership 2030
Business is changing—and leaders must change along with it.
Making Sense of Strategy
How "strategic" is planning that's constantly being outpaced by the realities of business? Finally -- straight talk about real strategy.
New Workforce
Think beyond today's human resources issues...and into the future.
Outsourcing for Radical Change
Competive advantage through revolutionary outsourcing strategies.
Power of Strategy Innovation
Strategy Innovation: sound business planning meets your company's bold vision of the future.
Shaping the Future
Five key steps for effecting profound change in any organization.
Successful Acquisitions
A guide to buying a company, from initial strategy to successful deal.
Take No Prisoners
The no-holds-barred guide that shows companies how to prepare for tough times and fix problems before it's too late.
"TurboStrategy is for companies that want to make immediate changes and get rapid results" -- Brian Tracy
Winning Behavior
How do the best companies consistently outstrip their competitors? It's all a matter of behavior.