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Accidental Salesperson
For all those salespeople who never planned on a career in sales...a unique, new plan to improve their selling skills.
Accidental Salesperson
With more than 50,000 copies sold, this book shows even "unintentional? sales pros that success is no accident.
Art of Social Selling
Companies that aren't selling socially...are selling themselves short.
Be a Party Plan Superstar
Let's get this party started! This one-of-a-kind guide shows direct sellers how to build and expand their party plan business.
Building a Winning Sales Force
Powerful answers and methods that will help every sales leader get results.
Buying Styles
If every customer has a different way of buying, why do so many salespeople approach them all the same way?
Compensating New Sales Roles
Now updated to cover the online selling arena--the most comprehensive guide to building an innovative sales compensation plan.
Complete Guide to Accelerating Sales Force Performance
How can companies add 5% to their top line (without extra expenses)? By maximizing the effectiveness of their sales force--this book shows how!
Complete Guide to Sales Force Incentive Compensation
Designing an incentive plan to turn sales reps into sales superstars!
Consultative Selling
"A major breakthrough in the way goods and services [are] sold. When Mack Hanan speaks, we should all listen—really listen.? - Selling Magazine
Conversations That Sell
When it comes to sales, there's no such thing as "small talk.? Here's how to make the most of every conversation.
Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success
Why do salespeople frequently fail to execute—even when they know what they should do?
From Selling to Managing
Guidelines, advice, and insider tips for the first-time sales manager.
Fundamentals of Sales Management for the Newly Appointed Sales Manager
Managing a sales force for the first time? Here's everything you need to know.
Giants of Sales
The sales techniques that work best...have always worked best. An incisive look at four legendary sales pros, and how their strategies still apply today.
High-Profit Selling
All sales aren't created equal. This book shows readers how to close deals that truly make a profit.
How to Mind-Read Your Customers
Strategies for sales success--using the principles of behavioral psychology.
Innovative Sale
Prepare yourself for a sales breakthough!
Key to the C-Suite
Sell to the C-suite by speaking their language….
Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting
Another "knockout" in the grand tradition of Knock Your Socks Off Service!
Managing Channels of Distribution
The first professional, practical guide to one of the hottest areas in sales and marketing today.
Mobile Technology Question and Answer Book
Answers to every business professional's questions about the wireless revolution--in a reader-friendly, use-it-now format.
More ProActive Sales Management
Managing great sales is different than making great sales. This book shows readers how to avoid the most common mistakes of their trade.
New Rules of Lead Generation
Results-driven strategies for lead-generation marketing success.
New Sales. Simplified.
In sales, there's no such thing as forever. You need new customers and new business—all the time.
Persuasive Business Proposals
Use the latest technology and techniques to craft winning proposals.
Pricing for Profit
Few businesses are compensated well for the value they provide.
Pricing for Profit
Few businesses are compensated well for the value they provide.
ProActive Sales Management
Managing sales is entirely different than making sales. This proven guide arms sales managers with the powerful strategies they need to succeed.
ProActive Selling
Dynamic, proven tools and techniques that let reps think like their customers.
ProActive Selling
Don't use "cookie-cutter? techniques ....The key to making sales is thinking like the customer.
Questions That Sell
Learn to ask powerful questions that generate more sales!
Rainmaker's Toolkit
An easy-to-follow road map for building a high-profit practice.
Real Estate Agent's Guide to FSBOs
The real estate agent's secret weapon for making a killing in the business.
Red-Hot Cold Call Selling
Turn cold calls into cold cash!
Red-Hot Selling
Plan, execute, close. With Red-Hot Selling, yes—it is that easy!
Sales Compensation Handbook
All the information and tools needed to design and implement state-of-the-art sales force compensation programs.
Sales Manager's Success Manual
The crucial advice sales managers need to lead their people to better results ... and higher profits!
Sales Scripts That Sell
Be prepared for every selling situation!
Saving the Deal
Everyone knows some real estate deals that have "just gone sour" at the last minute. Here's how real estate professionals can stop this from happening.
Secret Language of Influence
Want to make the sale? You need to learn to speak their language.
Secrets of Great Sales Management
How to master the many demanding roles of 21st-century sales management.
Selling to Anyone Over the Phone
Selling over the phone requires more than just reading from a script. This guide shows sales pros what they need to know to dial their way to success.
Selling to Major Accounts
How to build stronger relationships with key customers.
Selling to The New Elite
The New Elite exposed the lives and minds of America's richest people. Now, the authors reveal what and how these titans of wealth buy…and how to sell to them.
Slow Down, Sell Faster!
It's not so much how you sell. It's how your customer buys!
Smart Sales Manager
Lead your team to success in the new Sales 2.0 world.
Smart Selling on the Phone and Online
Ten indispensable skills for inside sales success.
Successful Cold Call Selling
The ultimate blueprint for anyone who wants to master the art of cold-call selling.
Successful Local Broadcast Sales
An invaluable guide that gives media professionals the power to boost sales and woo clients.
Unlimited Sales Success
Learn the world's most powerful selling techniques—from the undisputed master of sales!
Web Copy That Sells
The secret to turning online prospects into paying customers.
What Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales Compensation
Addressing sales compensation challenges from the most critical vantage point…the C-suite.
Zero-Turnover Sales Force
No company's sales force should be a revolving door.