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Marketing Solutions

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According to Kotler
Inside the mind of a marketing genius.
Age Curve
A myth-breaking book that will redefine who marketers see as their most valuable customers.
AMA Handbook of Public Relations
Along with business—and the rest of the world—public relations has changed in the digital age.
Be a Direct Selling Superstar
As a direct sales leader, you get what you want by helping your team get what they want.
Be a Network Marketing Superstar
A step-by-step guide to mastering the proven wealth-building techniques that top earners use to become network marketing stars!
Be a Party Plan Superstar
Let's get this party started! This one-of-a-kind guide shows direct sellers how to build and expand their party plan business.
Be a Recruiting Superstar
The proven recrutiing techniques to take network marketing pros to a whole new level!
Beyond Buzz
People are talking...but are they talking about your product?
Brain Tattoos
Make your brand so strong customers can't get it out of their heads!
Brand Real
To create an exceptional brand experience, remember that sometimes less is more.
Want to harness the power of new ideas? Become a "coolfarmer.?
Creating and Dominating New Markets
How to blow away the competition by being the only competition -- in this step-by-step guide to creating and dominating new markets.
Customer Service Survival Kit
Proven strategies for handling any customer crisis.
Digital Engagement
Marketing in the digital age just got easier. Two internet gurus show how to rule the world of web marketing with the new generation of Web 2.0.
Do It! Marketing
Kick your business into high gear with this fast, fun, pull-no-punches guide.
Experience Effect
Customers don't just buy products. They buy an experience. Here's how to create one through your marketing.
Get Clients Now! (TM)
Want more clients? Better clients? Here's how!
Going Social
Powerful lessons from the frontlines of social media marketing.
How to Mind-Read Your Customers
Strategies for sales success--using the principles of behavioral psychology.
Kindness Revolution
Re-energizing a company's customer service -- and inspiring greater customer loyalty --using the power of kindness.
Managing Channels of Distribution
The first professional, practical guide to one of the hottest areas in sales and marketing today.
Marketing Plan
The easiest—and best—way you'll ever find to create a marketing plan.
Marketing to Millennials
Millennials are the crucial consumers of today and tomorrow—and marketing to them requires a brand new approach.
New Rules of Lead Generation
Results-driven strategies for lead-generation marketing success.
Persuasive Business Proposals
Now in a third edition—the bestselling guide to writing better proposals and landing more clients.
Pricing for Profit
Few businesses are compensated well for the value they provide.
Rainmaker's Toolkit
An easy-to-follow road map for building a high-profit practice.
Secrets of the Marketing Masters
Top experts reveal how to shine in even the most competitive marketplace.
Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Positive word of mouth accelerates sales like nothing else. But it doesn't just happen by chance.
The smarter way to market in an anti-marketing age.
Web Copy That Sells
The secret to turning online prospects into paying customers.