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DISC Survey

Make educated, economical, and effective training decisions for as little as $6 per employee

AMA’s Online DISC Survey helps you accurately assess the work-related behavior styles of your employees, so that you can recommend and develop targeted training programs.

Designed to be fast, easy and precise, AMA’s Online DISC Survey provides immediate feedback about the personal styles of each employee. With this information in hand, you can implement relevant programs and improve the impact, value and ROI of every training activity.

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Only AMA’s Online DISC Survey allows you to do all of the following:

·         Specifically assess on-the-job behaviors (not general personality preferences)

·         Plan more effective programs using feedback on both productive and counterproductive traits—so you know what to build on and what to work on

·         Justify training expenditures with tangible, hard evidence

·         Get immediate results, including charts, graphs and summaries

·         Be confident that results are accurate. AMA’s DISC Survey meets American Psychological Association and American Educational Research Association standards for reliability and validity

·         Administer the survey in less than half an hour from any computer

Find out which styles exist in your company, and how to train to get the most from each individual:

Directing—decisive and determined; may be aggressive and competitive

Influencing—persuasive and motivating; sometimes seen as impulsive or intrusive

Supportive—encouraging and cooperative; can be submissive or overly lenient

Contemplative—rational, attentive and precise; potentially perfectionist and super-cautious

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