What if You Could Measure Return on Learning?

Now, you can quantify knowledge transfer, evaluate staff progress and measure the return on learning of your training investment with AMAs Blended Learning Solution.

If you need to demonstrate transfer of learning, foster skills assessments or just create a more effective model for seminar learning in your organization, then AMAs Blended Learning solutions are for you.  The result is a successful transfer of skills and behaviors that pays big dividendsby helping individuals and their organizations perform at a higher level.

AMA has more than 170 seminars to choose from, and our Blended Learning offering can adapt any of those seminars for your organization and deliver it as an On-Site solution.

AMA Learning Specialists can customize material to fit your needs and incorporate the skills and behaviors important to your organization, all in a manner that reflects your own values and unique corporate culture. If you have proprietary content that youd like to include, such as an introductory video address by your CEO, e-Learning, documents, DVDs, audio or even Webcasts, we can do that, too.

For years, AMA On-Site has delivered all of AMAs industry-leading seminarstailored to your targeted needsat your location.

  • Convenientschedule seminars when and where you want
  • Cost-effectivetrain groups of employees and significantly reduce T&E
  • Flexibledelivered in 1-, 2- and 3-day formats
  • Consistentevery employee has the same learning experience
  • Practicalemployees learn actionable skills from AMAs world-class faculty

If youre not entirely sure what content you need, our Learning Specialists will conduct an on-site evaluation to help you pinpoint just the type of training you require. Whatever your learning needs, AMA Blended Learning can deliver.

For More Information:

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