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“I came to OE with a dream…I’m leaving OE with a list of goals…a list of visions…OE may have been a stepping stone to success...yet to me, it was an achievement. ”

—Mia (Amelia) Persaud, Freedom Academy

“OE has connected me with people in ways I never would have imagined. The excellent group dynamic fostered an environment to grow and learn. The speakers represented a range of topics and styles, each effective and inspirational for different reasons. Overall, OE exceeded my expectations by achieving a balance of work and play. It has certainly been the highlight of my summer, and will be a source of memories and inspiration for years to come. ”

—Jordan Mazza, Hillsborough High School

“I would first like to thank OE for letting me join the OE experience. This has been such a positive landmark in my high school [career]—I came in with not a lot of confidence, and it feels like I’m coming out with so many useful tools for the future. I have gained so much from this experience and have made so many lasting friendships. I have enjoyed this so much and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. ”

—Will Hilbert, Rye Country High School

“You have developed an unbelievably useful program that truly makes a difference in the lives of all participants. The lessons I have taken from this week will be carried forward from this day onward to aid me in achieving all of the wonderful successes you have made me realize are possible. I am blown away by the quality of speakers you arranged for this seminar. Each gave us extremely valuable tools to use in our business careers. Your organization should be very proud for bringing such a wealth of knowledge to college students who have the opportunity to make a difference in tomorrow’s world.”

—Brock Bumgarner, Appalachian State University Boone, NC

“I will be able to use many of the various aspects discussed in each presentation in everyday life...I feel as if I am one step ahead of everyone else, and when confronted with similar tasks I will have more confidence and comfort in myself and ability. ”

—Elizabeth Schultz, Norwich High School

“I think you did a fantastic job to complement a fantastic summer program. I definitely loved my experience and would like to come back as a counselor. ”

—Aakash Ahamed, Governor Livingston High School

“This was the most amazing experience of my life. It will be hard to communicate how important this experience was to family and friends...The planning was wonderful and well thought-out. The kids were the most diverse, yet accepting group I’d ever been with. Incredible!! ”

—Graham Fuller, Boulder High School

“From the moment I walked into the doors, everyone was extremely nice and helpful. This program was excellent and was the best thing that has ever happened to me...The friendships gained here were something that I couldn’t get anywhere else. This fun and informative experience will never fade away. I want to continue my experience with OE and AMA and maybe make a difference in others’ lives like you did in mine. Thank you for everything. ”

—Vishal Jain, Grace King High School

“I have never done anything like this in my life...I feel this was an extremely useful program and it has given me an edge on everyone I will deal with in the future. ”

—George Foreman, Culver Military Academy

“This program has changed my life and my outlook on life. I hope to be a part of this program and AMA as long as I have the ability to learn, forever.”

—Scott Kupferman, Redlands High School

“I thought OE was such an incredible experience. When I first came, I didn’t really know what to expect but the friendships I have made and the skills I have learned will stay with me for a long time. Being in such an accepting environment for eight days was incredible because we got to build relationships with people of different cultures and from different parts of the country...Thanks you so much for putting together such and exciting and beneficial program. I will never forget the amazing experience I have had.”

—Carrie Pirrotta, Lake Oswego High School

“Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us...This was the first great time in my life when I’ve been living with you. The program was a good opportunity for me to explore the real world and to make my dreams come true.”

—Quynh Le Phan Tuyet (Viet Nam), Louisiana State University

“I now feel like part of a family which I don’t want to leave. At this program’s end, I feel empowered, much more aware of cultural differences on one hand, but realizing how many similarities we all have on the other. I realize now how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to listen and interact with the dynamic range of speakers in this program and the endless array of opportunities that this program has opened up. Thank you.”

—Natalia Volosin, University of Palermo, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

“I cannot even begin to tell you how much this experience has meant to me! This is just what I needed! I met a lot of wonderful different people and learned to love and respect each of one them.”

—Urvashi Devidayal, Ohio Wesleyan University

“This has been a wonderful, wonderful experience. I have learned so much...Thank you! Unlike many other places, a positive environment was established from the start. It has been a place that encourages people’s unique traits.”

—Lisa Reyes, Pattonville High School

“OE has given an opportunity to further realize my dreams. It has given advice, tips, and information that I would never have gotten anywhere else. The knowledge I have gained through this whole week will enhance my personality and character.”

—Jimmy Cao, Northbrook High School

“In hundreds of ways, I am more confident in my goals. Instead of ‘I think I can’...it’s now ‘I know I can.’ OE has helped me put my goals into action.”

—Stacey Lieslar, McClellan School (Canada)

“I have never learned so much about anything or life in just one short week. The experience was incredible and I matured so much. I never thought it was possible. It changed how I look at life, and I am driven to succeed. The speakers were incredible, and I loved everything about it.”

—Richard Gioia, Nichols School