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AMA On Demand is a fully integrated turnkey solution designed to optimize distance and blended learning integration within your organization’s skills development initiatives. This solution leverages new learning technologies and enhances the flexibility and scope of your training programs.

  • Designing, Delivering and
    Managing Training Programs
  • Key Features

Create, deploy and manage blended learning paths

  • A wide variety of modalities: classroom training, virtual classrooms, asynchronous coaching, etc.
  • A learner interface that tracks completion history
  • A flexible, intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) for administrators, designers, project managers, etc.
  • Ready-to-use blended learning paths known as “Best In Class“ that have been developed and deployed for numerous Fortune 500 companies
  • Pre- and post-assessment functionalities
  • Multilevel control of all training activities
  • All AMA solutions are deployed in SAAS (Software as a Service) mode

The most prestigious business content on the market

  • The Learning Library is designed by a team of internationally renowned thought leaders
  • Mixed-media formats designed to foster behaviorial change in order to:
    • —expand people’s comfort zone —increase knowledge of concepts and methods
    • —enable people to brush up their existing knowledge in just a few minutes
    • —provide the necessary tools for real-life situations
  • Largest learning library in the world: 125+ themes
  • Target users: senior executives, managers, project managers, team members and “knowledge workers”
  • Localized in 15 languages

Empowerment to quickly create, deploy and manage learner systems

  • AMA Professional Service is a suite of services ensuring the correct implementation and delivery of the solution in compliance with initial specifications
  • AMA Academy provides a range of training modules that not only teach the skills necessary for creating and deploying courses within the platform, but also the principles of designing blended learning paths, planning and deploying global change support strategies, scoping and managing courses and other training principles
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