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Stressed Out?

by American Management Association 15. October 2010 13:52

Join the club. Just kidding. But not really. The plain truth is that when times are tough, it’s not uncommon to find yourself stressed out. And while it could be attributed to a number of causes, here are a few practical tips to help minimize stress on the job, from the job:

§         Pace yourself. Take some time to identify available resources to set realistic goals and deadlines. Be honest with yourself and remember…it’s always better to underpromise and overachieve than it is to overpromise and underachieve.

§         Take breaks. Go for a walk around the block to get a breather from that stack of paperwork or long list of e-mails awaiting your attention. If you happen to work in the middle of a big city or other noisy place…headphones help.

§         Don’t worry about how you will fit a big project into your workday. Instead plan on how you will get it done. One way to do this: work on it when you feel most energetic (coffee induced or not…that’s up to you) and can be most productive.

§         Put people and situations into perspective. When you look at each situation as a matter of life and death you will spend more time stressing than producing…and that’s just not healthy.

§         Take time to play. When you are not working, you shouldn’t be working. It’s fine to take work home if it needs to get done but don’t lose sight of the fact that downtime is important and restorative.

So fear not! These stress-fightin’ quick-tips will minimize your stress levels at work and help you become more productive.


Thinking Management


10/25/2010 3:02:36 PM #

''Take breaks'', ''put things into perspective'' and ''take time to play'' all have my votes, stressed or not.
In corporate job I used to go for walks with colleagues.
Now I work for myself and often like to write and stay alone so I can concentrate. I listen to loud happy music when I feel like I can't take it anymore and just start walking around the office/room or recently - twirling hoola hoop. Feel free to laugh, but it works.
Some clients reported they like to do headstand in their office?! They are on the other side of 40 though. Whatever works and is not life threatening is good.

Liliana Serbia and Montenegro (Former) | Reply

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