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Managing an Employee with ADHD

by American Management Association 16. March 2011 16:13

Just like managing your other employees, managing someone with ADHD comes down to finding what stimulates—and what motivates—that particular employee. 

Employees with ADHD can be motivated by their own sense of urgency. For example: instead of assigning your employee a large project with a deadline weeks or months away, try taking a project and breaking it down into smaller tasks. Give each task a concrete deadline. This should create a sense of urgency behind the project and motivate your employee. Remember to check in with them before each deadline arrives. Make sure your body language and words do not apply additional pressure but instead indicate that you’re committed to working together.

Here are a couple quick tips for the day to day management:

Some ADHD employees find a quiet environment distracting. If the only thing your employee can hear in the office is the hums of computers and the clicks of keyboards, it will be incredibly hard for him or her to focus on the task at hand. Allow your employee to use headphones, or move him or her to a more social part of the office.

While managing an employee with ADHD may require more attention than some other employees, there is a potentially remarkable upside. Studies have shown a direct link between ADHD and increased creative thinking and problem solving skills (see link below). Just something to think about…

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