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How to Stop Worrying So Much

by American Management Association 1. July 2011 12:00

In today’s workplace there is so much uncertainty, ambiguity, and inconsistency that worrying has become a part of our daily professional lives. But what are we all worrying about? We are so used to worrying all the time that we might be worrying about something inconsequential.  Not only is excessive worrying needless, it’s counterproductive. Here are some tips to help you breathe:

Stop and think. Most of the time worrying comes on naturally…meaning we don’t even get a moment to examine “the why.” Sometimes, all it takes is a conscious effort to examine the issue at hand to relieve the stress. Ask yourself, “Is this small task really worth all this worrying?” 

Face the issue. It’s important to examine and deal with the issue causing the worry in a decisive manner. 

Organize. In today’s business environment it’s more than common to run into multiple tasks at once. Much of the worry we feel when multitasking can be attributed to lack of organization. Take some time each week to set a clearly defined calendar of deadlines, and blocks of time devoted to working on specific tasks. This will allow you to focus on thing at a time instead of neurotically bouncing from one task to another without getting anything substantial done. 


Thinking Management


7/8/2011 3:04:04 PM #

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American management association | Selcycer | Reply

7/17/2011 3:34:57 PM #

One more thing...make a plan!  The very second we start an action toward the plan, we start to feel better.  All the stress energy starts being transferred to the action plan.  The big worry in life is not about were we are but were we are going.

Saundra Lee United States | Reply

9/9/2011 7:03:04 AM #

A very good article about worrying. one more suggestion for those who worry much that always be satisfy with your work because if you are not best u are almost good and it is great for will see tomorrow...

Hosting Provider India India | Reply

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