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How to Be Your Own Boss

by American Management Association 18. July 2011 09:47


No matter how healthy your relationship is with your boss, it’s only natural to go through periods of frustration and even dislike. During times like these you dream of more time, more money, and more control and the idea of becoming your own boss becomes exceedingly attractive. Yet the reality is that in the office, the whole workplace conspires to help you do your work. When you’re at home, it’s just the opposite. Here’s a few tips on how you can be your own boss:

Don’t play the part. Just because you are your own boss doesn’t mean you should wake up every day and go to work unshaved and in your pajamas. It’s important to set up a professional workspace, separate from all the usual household distractions…and have fun with it! Your home office should be a place where you enjoy spending time. 

Learn to say “no.” Working from home doesn’t give your friends and family an excuse to interrupt. It’s crucial that you learn to refuse your friends' invitations, no matter how appealing. There are exceptions, of course, especially regarding your family, but it’s important to decide where to draw the line.

Keep social. Workplaces can, and should, be social. Without the daily interactions of the regular workplace working from home can feel lonely. Collaboration and creativity often go hand and hand…so get out and meet with people. Seek advice from peers…schedule lunches…anything to break the isolation of your home office.


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