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Company Culture's Impact on Success

by American Management Association 16. May 2011 09:14

Today’s companies need leaders at every level, and a company culture of innovation, critical thinking, open communication and collaboration. Here are a few tips to get you thinking about change management, your company culture, and the next step.

Change the way your staff looks at its work. Start by transforming interpersonal relationships—the way the employees interact with each other, and their superiors. To create lasting, durable change your staff needs to be comfortable expressing new ideas, offering project proposals, and questioning bloated processes, among other things. A good way to initiate this type of change is to simply ask questions and gather opinions. Questions like, “What do you think?” “How does this fit into what we are trying to accomplish?” “What are the risks?” will all help create a culture of open communication while teaching your employees to think critically.

Be Positive. Positive reinforcement is a crucial element of changing your company’s culture. Phrases like, “I’m glad you took the initiative,” will go a long way in making an employee feel comfortable coming to you with ideas…even if their efforts are misguided.  You want your staff to know that you are open to new ideas, and want to serve as their champion…not their critc. 

Keep the vision alive, and available. Make your employees part of the company’s future. The best way to do this is to keep them informed. In any sort of collaborative effort, the entire team needs to be informed, involved, and capable. The same is true in creating a collaborative company culture. Keeping your employees aware of what is going on in other departments will be a catalyst for collaboration—they will recognize opportunity they might not have seen before

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